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Female Attire:

- Skin color appropriate Tights and Ballet shoes

- Leotards:

Pre-Primary:  (ages 4-5)    White short-sleeved -Bloch CL5402

Primary:        (age 6+)       Light Pink short-sleeved-Bloch CL5402

Grade 1 :       (age7+)        Light Pink tank-CL5405 or short-sleeved-Bloch CL5402

Grade 2 :      (age 8+)       Lilac  short-sleeved-Eurotard 1043 or tank style

Grade 3 :                         Lavender tank Bloch CL5405 or short-sleeved-Bloch CL5402

Grade 4 :                         Raspberry wide strap, pinch front -SoDanca SL10 "Amelia"

Grade 5:                          Navy side strap, pinch front - SoDanca SL10 "Amelia"

Discovering Repertoire:   LUB 340 "Clover" in black, Cap sleeve, sweetheart neckline

Vocational (Majors) :        LUB 276 Black tank-camisole  "Adrien" or LUB 340 "Clover"

Tights: for Pointe students: Bloch T0982  Convertible, Theatrical Pink 

Tights for Pre-Primary+ : Bloch T0981  Footed tights

Shoes: Bloch: S0205 G/L full sole, Pink

Note: Pointe shoes to be purchased / worn only with approval from the OBS director and by Majors

level students who attend a minimum of 3x/ week at OBS.

Boys: Black bike shorts, white short sleeved leotard or t-shirt, thin white sox,

         white ballet shoes: Bloch whole sole S0 205

Boys Grade 3-Majors: black tights and dance belt, White tank or short sleeved leotard, thin White sox 

        and white ballet shoes. Grey tights may be worn at Major level.

Regulation attire is available at THE LEOTARD at 2432 NE MLK..5 blocks N of Broadway at Brazee

email: or website:

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